as stated in the above pic, these prices are just for personal pieces of art and gifts! for commissions regarding commercial work, pricing is different. please contact me to discuss things directly! ^^

Terms of Service

things that i don't accept for commission work:

  • anything bigoted and/or hateful.

    i have an absolute zero tolerance for anything racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, pedophilic, shaming certain body types, etc.

  • anything including extreme gore
  • hardcore nsfw
  • furry characters or animals

    no shade i just cannot draw them well enough ;(

  • extremely detailed designs

    anything super heavily robotic for example, no mecha.

things that i do accept for commission work:

  • some nudity, softcore nsfw
  • drawings of peoples oc's AS LONG AS they are being made for the purpose of being a gift
  • 18+ themes okay as long as you yourself are 18 or older.

i have the right to deny or cancel any request up to the point of payment.

Contact + Process

Please contact me either through:

mar1glds on twitter

twitter is usually the fastest way to get a response, but my email is open as well to ask about ordering!
commission payment will be paid half in front and half when the piece is finished.

when ordering please be as detailed as possible and provide any references you may need to convey what you want to the best of your ability.

work in progress sketches can be asked for whenever desired. if many heavy edits are requested that result in me sketching multiple new sketches than i can either refuse to carry through with more edits or charge a fee for them if i see fit.

once the sketch has been approved, an order can still be cancelled, however any previous payment is final and the rights to the art will still belong to me.

if you file a charge back against me baselessly without contacting me first about any issues you may have with the order, then the image is no longer yours and all of the rights to it belong fully to me. along with that i will do whatever i can to dispute it and put you on the Board of Shame :)